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Oldies C.C.  Monterey County

Christmas Party 12/1/2018

Photos by

Anna S. 




We were blessed with the privilege this past weekend to cover Oldies C.C. Christmas Party.  We witnessed different car clubs united, we were surrounded by laughter, and everyone dancing with a whole lot of soul. A simple reminder that Lowriding is not just a hobby, or something to kill time.  Lowriding is a lifestyle.  It is full of candid moments,  and connections that are made through cruising, hanging out,  getting to know each other,  and car shows.   Lots of people take pictures of cars as a hobby – they're all over the internet – but we take pride in capturing the art of Lowrider culture.  Thank you Oldies CC for the honor of capturing the people behind the lifestyle and keeping the culture alive. 

Text by Anna Serrano